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What kind of service do you propose?

Our company offers DNA testing service for informational and research purposes. We offer a
disease predisposition test (around 250 predispositions to medical conditions).

What is being tested?

The test is a saliva sample or buccal cells sample.
The second type test is taken using special mouth swabs which are to be rubbed on the inner

What will happen to my sample?

The DNA will be extracted and a test will be run according to the ordered type of the test.

When will the results arrive?

Usually the results are within 3-4 weeks.

How the ancestry test reveals the migration routes of the person's ancestors?

Scientific research has found DNA markers which are frequently found in several human populations today. By comparing the DNA markers of a person and the known human populations we can fit a person into a category, according to the markers. The top abundance of the markers today reveals where the initial ancestors started their travel route.

What is the difficulties in genealogical testing of the jewish people?

1. The family names were not according to the father until year 1700.
2. Unrelated genetically families adopted the same family name.
3. Related genetically families adopted different family names.
4. The family names were taken according to the country of their life.
5. There is no data on family names to more than a few generations.
6. The jewish population intermarried.

What are DNA markers?

DNA markers are sequences of DNA at which we compare between humans. The DNA markers are usually unique and thus they allow classification of population according to the sequences at the marker locus on the DNA.

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